Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to Obtain
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Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. How to Obtain: Get a regular tinderbox, and go upstair in the Cheiftan's cabin. You'll receive an Ancient Tinderbox when you dip it into the Fountain of Ancients. After that, select the Operate option on RS gold the Solar Staff to enchant the item. You will recieve an Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. You can pick up the bowl from the table of the Cheif, and bring it to you. To build the Ancient Tinderbox, you must be level 70 in Firemaking.

You can find the hole when you travel all the way to South Island. Now, let the Ceremony begin! (Player Name) What's the reason you don't start us off? Ubei, Lavak, Simat, Carnem, Salverous! Amarka Solarius

One Solar Guardian kneels down, and cheap RuneScape gold then drops the logs from his nightmare into the hole. Another Solar Guardian kneels down and lights them by using the Enchanted Ancient Tinderbox. Don't stop there Savarain Solar!

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